Piney Woods
30 Jan 2016
Lake Houston Wilderness Park

We had nothing going on this weekend, and David was driving to the race, so I talked Joyce into going, and signed us both up for the 20 miler. We knew nothing about the race, where it was, start time, loops, route, nothing. It should be interesting. 

Joyce had been running quite a few 15 to 22 milers for the last 2 months with Lar to get ready for the Austin Marathon, so I thought she would be set up rather nicely for the 20 mile distance. I'd been running some longish runs, but all of it on trail. It seems to me that if I run to much on road, my back and hip really starts acting up so I had been avoiding road. 

Well, we quickly found the race was two 10 mile loops of entirely flat course, with the lion's share on unpaved road and just a pinch of trail. I started well, with Joyce just a few dozen yards back, but she was going to kill this race. The terrain and distance was exactly what she has been running for months. I, on the other hand, was going to melt in the heat, and Joyce knew this also. I stayed in front of her for about 5 miles before she rolled past me. Wasn't even close to a thought of staying with her. Smooth and easy she looked as the slid past. I'd see here now and again for the rest of the loop, just ahead. She stopped at the bathroom at the end loop, while I quickly grabbed another water bottle and got right back out. It was about the same place again when she went by me on the 2nd loop, only this time, I never saw her again til I was done.

Jeep roads, dirt, and heat is about all I remember of this race. If races had names scratched on them for who belonged, this one had mine scratched out. It was organized well and everything was perfectly fine with the organization. It just wasn't one that suited my personality. Not enough rocks, climbs, or water to trip over and fall in.

Joyce on the other had, was dialed in and had one hell of a good run.