Wow, it has been way too long since I posted last. Well, our world has turned upside down in some interesting ways. 

We (Joyce & I) have sold Tejas Trails. Part of the deal was that we would stay on for a year to a proper handoff. And so we have. We will have to work the races in the spring and then WHO KNOWS ? 

I have also terminated the column I have been writing for Inside Texas Running for the last 8 years. I started in 2008 and can't believe I managed to come up with something new once a month for that long. Anyway, I now have more time to invest elsewhere.

I continue to coach, so I created a new business name to coach under (Trail Zen), which I played with and twisted around for a good long time till it landed with that exact sequence of letters. I like that most people actually hear Trails End when you say Trail Zen. Works either way for me. Also, Sonia (my daughter) who helped me develop the original logo for Tejas Trails was also excited about re-inventing a new logo for me. Started with the word TRAIL, in which she turned the A into a mountain looking shape, then twisted the TR at an angle so as to climb the Mountain. Then imbedded the Zen in the mountain and then under it. So, the (TR) Trail Runner climbs the mountain to find Zen. We (me/erica/sonia) took some liberties with this, but it sort of flowed in that direction easily. Also, my primary Totem has always been the chameleon (yes, and I have other lesser totems), and that is what I used for the Tejas Trails logo. Yes, the Lizard logo was actually a chameleon (who knew), and I figured since we have sold and moved on to something new, we should simply give the chameleon wings and let it fly. Sounds like a dragon, right!? So I started playing with ideas referencing dragons: Dragon-Ass, Dragon-Fly, Dragon-Breath, Snap-Dragon. So we started playing with art that contained dragons. Somehow or another, I plan to use the dragon (a chameleon with wings) but it has yet to develop where I want it. I have plenty of time to work this out.

Also, I still plan to work with Liza Howard & the Bryants in line with the RWB Trail Running Camp for veterans. This has been a load of fun and very rewarding, that we hope to continue. I expect we will be doing this again in October for the next few years.

Guadalupe Traverse will happen again this April (2016) as a long trail running weekend, with a grand troupe of characters. For some this is a last long run prior to Jemez Mountain Trail Run in Los Alamos New Mexico, our spring destination race these past 4 or 5 years.

And thats just the tip of whats going on... Anyway, I should be more regular from here on for awhile !