The Rose threw a 5th year halloween birthday party with a perfect weather day. After a half year of unbearable sweltering heat, it was a nice treat to run in such a pretty day. We added a 4x25mi relay this year and the result was a very fast first of four 25mi loops for everybody. 

In the 100 mile race, Steven Moore threw down a 4:01 for the first 25mi to move well into the lead and then backed down a bit afterwards to lower his own course record with a 19:28:32. Brian Hopton-Jones was a strong 2nd til the final loop, when Lorenzo Sanchez moved past him to take 2nd in 20:11:20. Brian held on for 3rd in 22:20:23. The women's race belonged to Rhonda Claridge from beginning to end, finished 3rd overall and 1st female in 21:49:28. Rachel Ballard was a very strong 2nd in 25:38:47, followed by Julie Grant in 28:55:50. 

Eric Herzog owned the 50 miler, going out strong with a 4:02 25mi loop, and finishing with a 8:44:29. Greg Foreman was 2nd in 8:50:37, followed by Gregory Brant in 9:10:56. Anabel Pearson owned the women's 50 miler with a 10:03:00, followed by Shaheen Sattar in 10:43:25, and Amanda Alvarado in 11:55:05.

The relays set the pace this year with a couple of quick teams that hammered out 4 hour 25mi loops that never backed off. "The Right Stuff" took top honors with a 16:23:20, with splits of 4:01, 3:52, 4:24, 4:04. They were closely followed by Beauty & the Beasts with a 17:23:54. Their splits were almost as impressive: 4:22, 4:17, 3:52, 4:51.

Only 42 of 74 100 milers finished for 57%. 92 of 117 50 milers finished for 79%, with 27 joining the 50 miler finish list from the 100 mile start. It was a gorgeous day but the finish rate is never very high at the Rose. The endless rolling rock covered hills are just one of the thorns that give this beast its name. It was never easy nor was it intended to be. This is one deceptive course that is much more trouble than most expect it to be.