Trail Running Expert

Joe is an experienced runner, having completed more than 288 races. He knows what you're going through. He created and directed most of the trail races in Texas (Bandera, Rocky Raccoon, Rocky 50, Nueces, Hell's Hills, Pandora, Cactus Rose, Wild Hare, the Texas Championship Series). He also has long-standing relationships with many of the directors for popular races, giving you relevant and current inside info. He has worked successfully with more than 200+ runners over the last 6 years who have trained for a wide variety of trail and ultra events. He has coached runners that have gone on to successfully complete Hardrock, Badwater, Leadville, R2R2R, and coached a runner to the USA 100km team.

Odds are good that if you have a trail running goal in mind, whether it's pretty pedestrian or sounds perfectly crazy, Joe can help you.

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Joe began running after military duty, college, family, & kids. It was a short trip from there to trail. 20+ Marathons were the foundation used to catapult directly into 50mi & 100mi races. He then rolled through Hardrock, Western States, Wasatch, Vermont, Heartland, Rocky, Grand Teton, Arkansas, Cactus, Bandera, Bighorn, Barkley, and Badwater. Joe prefers 100 milers most and mountain terrain best, but also loves the variety, so just about anything and everything is worth exploring. From 1997 to 2017, Joe finished 26+ 100milers and a plethora of other ultras in the mountains, plains, and deserts. 2009, he started coaching and continues today. He's worked with well over 250 people and growing. He still runs ultras, and is still very much involved with trailrunning, and the Texas Trail Championship Series.


Joe has run a total of 295 races since the late 1980s. The following is a summary:

Ultras: 86
100mi: 26
100+mi: 4
100k: 2

50mi: 22
50km: 13
Odd ultra distance: 5
Marathons: 46
Half marathons: 12
10km: 26
5km: 49
1mi: 5
Relays: 20
Odd non-ultra distance: 30 


Bandera (created/directed): 15 years
Rocky Raccoon (adopted/directed): 15 years
Nueces (created/directed): 6 years
Hells Hills (created/directed): 16 years
Pandora's Box of Rox (created/directed): 3 years
Cactus Rose (created/directed): 9 years
Wild Hare (created/directed): 7 years
Capt Karls Series (consult/direct w/Brad Quinn)): 7 years
Trail Twister (co-created/direct w/Chris Matus): 1 year
Rogue Trail Series (co-created/direct w/Steve Sisson): 6 years
Austin Marathon (co-create/direct/Board/Chair): 15 years